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  • Elena Marcovici

Zendaya, The Rising Star - The Path From TV to Film

Lubomirski,A. 2019. “Lancôme Adds Zendaya To Its Stellar Line-Up Of Brand Ambassadors.” Vogue

Childhood actors start off in all different kinds of films, tv shows, commercials, and more, but for many, Disney Channel was where it all started. Playing a family member, or a friend, being a superhero, or a superstar, the wide range of characters and actors are endless, but for some, the stardom grows into something more. Zendaya is one example of an actress who has booked some of the industry’s biggest gigs and is continuing to show her talent and place in entertainment.

Starting off on “Shake it Up,” with Bella Thorne, Zendaya played a young girl who has big dreams of being a dancer. Pursuing that, and going through the transformations of adolescents, her character on Disney Channel, was only the beginning. After many years on Disney Channel, Zendaya got her big break in one of the biggest Marvel movies ever, Spider-Man Homecoming. Only having a small part as Michelle Jones in the first film, we did not see much of her, but her fun, humorous and kind personality really shined through the Press tours. Filming alongside Tom Holland, she formed quite the friendship with him. Now, two Spider-Man films later, her character has made quite the impact on this Marvel franchise, showcasing female empowerment, humor, and also brilliance.

Getty Images.(2015). Zendaya at Foundation 2nd Annual Diamond Ball. Harper Bazaar.

Showing she can do a wide range of acting performances, from drama to comedy, to romance, she has been in award-winning films such as Malcolm and Marie, The Greatest Showman, and Dune. Besides films though, there is one show in particular that brought her stardom to an even higher stature. Euphoria, the show starring Zendaya, tells the story of a high school girl dealing with drug addiction and trying to fight her own demons, while those around her deal with problems of their own. Through cinematic mastery, outstanding editing, and even more incredible acting, this show proves Zendaya can play a variety of characters. Winning her first Emmy for this show, she has shown this is only the beginning, and awards such as this, are going to be added to her collection.

Through these characters, she has become an inspiration for so many people around the world. From being a boss on and off the big screen to advocating for justice, she has used her platform for good causes. Every year on her birthday since she was 18, she has donated and urged others to donate to a charity she works with. Working with organizations such as UNAIDS, Friends For Change, and Convoy Of Hope, she has helped raise thousands of dollars for these charities and worked hand in hand to help bring as much awareness as possible.

Getty Images.(2019). Zendaya Teams Up With Yoobi.


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