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  • Naeema Mohammed Sageer

Netflix is Testing a "Shuffle Play" Button for the Indecisive


Since July, Netflix has been testing a "Shuffle Play" button on select connected TV devices worldwide. Clicking on it streams a random title based on a user's viewing history and their "My List" section, allowing indecisive subscribers to rest easy. The OTT service has stated that the feature will "help its members quickly and easily find content tailored to their tastes."

The button reportedly appears in one or more of three locations on the platform: underneath the profile row, at the top of the home screen, or on the TV menu sidebar. A few different variants have been rolled out, each a potential look for the feature. Netflix previously tested a "random episode" button for select TV shows on its Android app. The "shuffle" features are among multiple recently tested in a bid to improve personalization and increase viewership. The company hopes to eventually roll out a permanent shuffle feature across all platforms, depending on findings from the test.


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