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  • Kennedy Snyder

Audrey Roh

Audrey Roh via LinkedIn.

Audrey Roh is a senior at NYU Tisch with a major in Film and Television and a concentration in producing.

When Audrey began her studies at Tisch, she did not know what aspect of the industry she wanted to pursue. So, she tried everything: writing, camera-work, etc. Then, one day, a good friend of hers sat her down and told her that she would make an amazing producer, offering her the producer position for his student short film. Interested in a new opportunity, Audrey accepted, unaware of the madness that would ensue.

Working with a creative director/writer set on attending to every facet of his script with a limited budget, Audrey had to work creatively and vigorously to execute the creative’s vision. The group had to leave the city to the suburbs of Long Island, an area that Audrey did not have much familiarity with, to film the project. Audrey worked extremely hard to make sure that everything was going smoothly throughout the weekend, but was then told that she had to find a horse and a farm in less than 24 hours to film one of the scenes. As the director was dead set on that location, Audrey got on the phone with every farm or zoo in the area. At the last moment, she found a petting zoo that would let the group in for free so that they could get the shot with the horse. In the midst of the chaos of putting together this short film, Audrey realized that she was having the most fun that she had ever had when working on a project. Audrey’s determination and dedication helped her to complete the filmmaker’s vision, and she immediately fell in love with being a producer.

Since then, Audrey has worked on a slew of student and short films as a producer or assistant director, which has brought her to some pretty amazing places.

Audrey worked with legendary actor/director Frank Oz and Derek DelGaudio as a Production Coordinator on a film adaptation of the play “In & Of Itself”. She really enjoyed working with someone that had decades of valuable experience, and learned a lot from being a part of the project. The team and Audrey’s hard work paid off when the film was accepted into the 2020 South by Southwest Film Festival as well as the Montclair Film Festival.

In & Of Itself will be available on Hulu on January 22. If you’re interested in watching the film right now, you can access a link to stream here.

Audrey impressively fills two internship positions this semester, an editorial internship at The Take and a Genomic Analyst at Katch.

At The Take, an entertainment-centric Youtube channel, Audrey works week-to-week to make sure that each show runs smoothly by managing research and fact-checking for the channel’s videos. The Take makes video essays that analyze certain aspects of film and television, such as character studies, actor/director profiles, or investigations into a movie’s symbolism.

At Katch, Audrey continues to pursue her interests in a proactive manner by leading the producing discussion and joining the diversity council. For the producing discussion group, Audrey makes sure that each of her group members are engaged by bringing in special guests and collaborating with other discussion groups. Her efforts help the group to join a community that has common interest and learn as much as they can about a topic that each member is passionate about. For the diversity council, Audrey continues her emphasis on collaboration, working with other teams at Katch to promote diversity across the Katch community.

We’re very excited to spend the rest of the rest of the semester with Audrey and see what she does next!


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