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  • Garrett Dozier

AMC Makes Plans to Reopen With 15-Cent Tickets


Calling back to an era of silent films and the very first introduction of popcorn to a theater, AMC plans to reopen on August 20 with tickets priced at a mere 15 cents. The price drop is a throwback to the opening of AMC’s very first theater, located in Kansas City, whose ticket price was only three nickels. While the deal only lasts for one day, it will be available at all reopening AMC theaters. AMC’s first wave of re-openings will include 100 theaters or around one-sixth of their total locations. In a statement regarding the event, AMC Entertainment CEO Adam Aron remarked, “As our guests return on our first day of resumed operations on August 20, we invite them to join us in celebrating a return to the movies, and in celebrating 100 years of AMC making smiles happen with movies at 1920 prices of only 15 cents each.”

While many may flock to take advantage of the deal, it is important to note that theaters will be operating at a reduced capacity in order to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

After the relaunch on August 20, AMC plans to host throwback screenings of classic movies, both old and modern, including Back to the Future (1985), Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back (1980), and Black Panther (2018). While unfortunately not at the 15 cent price tag, ticket prices will still be reduced to only $5 on any given day and will be accompanied by reduced price concessions as well. AMC’s plan is sure to bring in excited viewers on their opening day, but only time will tell if the relaunch goes as smoothly as they would like - as well as whether or not COVID cases will spike because of it.


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