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Learn how to make it in Hollywood.

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Get access to the self-paced online curriculum that will teach you how to be successful in the film and television industry.


Earn Your Official Katch Certificate

Develop Your Network

Connect with successful entertainment executives

Dive into Film and Television

Learn about the architecture of what makes up the identity of a film and television.

Understand the Industry

Learn from industry professionals about how to break into the entertainment industry,

Included Curriculum:

How to Fully Analyze Film and Television

  • Learn the genomic architecture of a film or television show to properly understand each dimension

  • Learn techniques for film and television "coverage" and comparative analysis 

How to Pitch a Film or Television Show

  • Learn how to create a Pitch Deck

  • Learn how to leverage analytical data to successfully pitch your project

How to Develop Your Network

  • Learn how to identify the key connections you'll need in this industry

  • Learn how to create a community of advocates

How to Market a Film or Television Show 

  • Learn how to make Trailers, Posters, and related materials

  • Learn how to build a successful social media & comms strategy

How to Produce a Film or Television Show

  • Learn how to move from concept to project

  • Learn how to translate your knowledge of film and television analysis into production

How to Direct a Film or Television Show

  • Learn how to assemble the right cast and crew based on smart data

  • Learn how to use your network to maximize the profile of your project

Learn from Industry Professionals

Our employer-competitive alumni have received job offers from top entertainment companies.



Hear from three of our previous 1400+ alumni.

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Sophie Alvarez

"Katch has helped me tremendously. Its wide network has allowed me to collaborate with people all over the world!"

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Rachel Cheung

"Katch not only offered a great network of like minded, hardworking individuals, but also a stepping stone into the film and television industry that I am so grateful for!"

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Cai Ping Goh

"Katch helped me professionally by teaching me to pay attention to various details in movies, which became applicable when breaking down scripts at work."

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