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Welcome to Katch the News!

Here you can find entertainment news, movie reviews, coverage of our speaker series, intern spotlights, and much more! This site and all of its content is managed, written, and edited by talented Katch interns.

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What is Katch?

Katch is a consumer-facing entertainment data analytics company that will help content producers, marketers, and other industry stakeholders make better data-driven decisions. 

The company’s insights utilize the Katch Media Genome, designed by co-founder Dr. Nolan Gasser. Dr. Gasser is the architect/inventor of the Pandora Music Genome Project—the analytical tool that drives Pandora's hugely successful recommendation engine.


In order to continuously improve data analytics and machine-learning algorithms, the company developed a user-facing application that has gamified the movie- and series-rating process. These user ratings and granular user-profile data, integrated with the Katch Media Genome, provide a plethora of data that can help distinguish not only how users feel about certain content, but why they feel this way.


With this data, Katch is able to help entertainment executives and creatives through every phase of the content lifecycle. Simultaneously, the company will be able to make near-perfect recommendations for individuals and groups about what to watch next in this overcrowded media landscape.

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What is Katch University?

Katch's internship program is so educational that we call it Katch University! Interns learn how to watch films analytically, attend speaker events with industry professionals, and develop a network of fellow interns from across the country and the world.


We have 140 film student interns from over 50 top film schools and over 15 countries around the world.

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