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Welcome to the World of KatchU

The Entertainment Industry’s
Most Educational Internship Program

Check out the video for more info!

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The KatchU Internship Program

Watch films

Gain a new perspective on filmmaking!

Speaker events

Weekly Speaker Series featuring industry professionals.

Develop network

Connect with students from top universities across the globe!​ 


What is Katch?

Katch is pioneering a new standard for understanding content using taste-based dataWe've created a language capturing every layer of media from cinematography and context to directorial approach and score using human intelligence and AI. In today’s crowded film and TV markets,  taste-based data gives brands a scientific understanding of the identity of their content, which provides a revolutionary approach to why people like what they like.

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Built by industry leaders, for industry leaders.

The Katch team features former executives of Pandora, Netflix and Lionsgate.


As seen in 

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