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Welcome to the World of KatchU

The Entertainment Industry’s
Most Educational Internship Program

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The KatchU Internship Program

Watch films

Gain a new perspective on filmmaking!

Speaker events

Weekly Speaker Series featuring industry professionals.

Develop network

Connect with students from top universities across the globe!​ 


What is Katch?

Using human-powered AI,  Katch has developed a new standard for contentWe've created a language capturing every media layer from cinematography and context to directorial approach and score. In today’s crowded film and TV markets,  Katch illuminates why certain films and TV shows are likely to resonate with audiences, and where.

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Built by industry leaders, for industry leaders.

The Katch team features former executives of Pandora, Netflix and Lionsgate.


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Join the fun at KatchU! Watch our videos 🎬