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Internship Program

Katch is looking for remote film student interns to watch and analyze films, helping us break down each film into the basic elements that may drive its level of appeal to audiences. Interns will have the opportunity to go through our rigorous Media Genome training program, and will gain an entirely new perspective in the way they consume content. 

What is Katch?

Watch films

Learn how to watch films and be able to code them analytically.

Speaker events

Weekly speaker series featuring industry professionals.

Develop Network

Develop a network of fellow

interns from across the world.

Program Information

● Watch and analyze films and TV shows in order to code them via the Katch Media Genome

● Participate in focus groups, KatchU Speaker Series, social clubs, and networking events, as desired 

● During the academic term, the internship commitment will be a minimum of 15 hours/week 


● A love of film and/or TV series, and an interest in watching and analyzing content 

● An academically-minded awareness of all aspects of film and TV: plot, themes, character, cinematography, editing, sound design, etc. 

● A curiosity about why distinct audiences gravitate toward and away from individual films and shows 


● The Katch Media Genome is a breakthrough, interdisciplinary taxonomic approach to film/TV analysis, capturing empirical and experiential elements across all content parameters 

● Insights gained through the analysis process, including intensive practice of film analysis as well as the connection between the “genomic” data and user preferences, will enhance the career opportunities of interns–whether on the creation, direction or marketing side of the business 

● Katch is dedicated to fostering community among interns through a variety of channels: workshopping opportunities for interns’ personal creative projects, weekly Q&A events with current industry leaders, discussion groups for topics of shared interest, team game nights, and more


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